Blue is the color of all that I wear…


I was a huge fan of my previous transmog outfit, but it seems like everywhere I go there is another clothie jackin’ my style! So I decided to switch it up a bit and went with this instead.


Yeeeep! A recolor of the Priest t1 set. It took about a day or two of grinding Outland instances, which also yielded a ton of Netherweave cloth. Naturally all of that went towards Netherweave bags to make some gold off of.

Pretty snazzy, eh? Here’s where you can get yours.

Helm: Collar of Command from from Shirrak the Deadwatcher in Normal Auchenai Crypts.
Shoulders: Pauldrons of Sufferance from Epoch Hunter in Normal Old Hillsbrad Foothills.
Chest: Raiments of Divine Authority from Keli’dan the Breaker in Normal Blood Furnace.
Waist: Mindfire Waistband also from Keli’dan the Breaker in Normal Blood Furnace.
Gloves: Royal Gloves from your local AH.
Weapon: Blade of the Witching Hour from Theralion and Valiona in Bastion of Twilight
Offhand: Inscribed Jade Fan from your favorite scribe or the local AH.

As you see, I didn’t bother with pants or the boots because you don’t see either thanks to the robe and the fact that Trolls never wear shoes.

So that’s what I’m rockin’ lately. What are you wearing?

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Custom-Fit Professions


This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic comes to us via Effraeti.

Professions are fun for some and a necessary evil for others.

Some of us have farming professions. Some of us have crafting professions. Some of us have a little bit of everything! Professions are leveled because they fit our style of play, help us in raiding, allow us to outfit our alts, and make us money.

What professions do you have on your main? Do his/her professions fit their personality? Why did you choose them? If you chose professions based on your character and not on gaming needs, would that change some of their professions they use?

I have every profession represented in the Fay Family but my main, Fayona, sticks to Jewelcrafting and Tailoring as her primary professions and they definitely fit her personality. Fay definitely loves her bling and constructing the finest threads to strut, mirror image and blink her way across Azeroth. Plus, remember in those days when JC actually could make you a little gold? Quite nice, wasn’t it? And yes, Fay is definitely a fan of making large sums of gold to fund she and the rest of her sassy little posse.

And I don’t know if you heard the dirty rumor about the bad ass Jeweled Onyx Panther mount in Mists of Pandaria? Wellllll, the Fay Family is definitely looking forward to slangin’ a few of those across the local auction house.

Also, quick note. This week’s Sevenly cause benefits Cure and, “will help support a disfigured child to finally live a normal life. For every $1,100 we raise, CURE International will provide a life-altering surgery for 1 of these children. Our goal is to fund the surgeries of 15 children!”

They’ve also added a bunch of new items to purchase; tote bags, sassy sweatshirts and phone covers! So now you’ve got a variety of ways to benefit a charity that resonates with you. As always, DO GOOD!

Dear Media, Gamers =/= Killers.


As with any tragedy there are always questions of why, how and what and almost a week after the deadly theater shooting in Colorado the media is still looking for a motive. Inadequate gun laws, bad parenting, bad theater security have all been thrown into the mix and naturally violent video games get thrown on top of it all.

Pat Brown was on CNN last week and threw this little match stick on top:

He’s probably prepared for this for a long time, just obsessing over it, gathering his weapons. [He] probably spent a lot of time in his apartment, playing one video game after the other—shooting, shooting, shooting—building up his courage and building up the excitement of when it’s going to be real for him. And it’s made his day.

This has been something he has really been into. And now we’re going to find, probably on [Facebook] or anybody who knows him will say, ‘Yeah, he did have a lot of interest in that. He was always playing the video games. And I’m not saying video games make you a killer. But if you’re a psychopath, video games help you get in the mode to do the killing.




Can we stop this madness already?

In this day and age almost everyone has their flava’ of gaming. Whether you’re tending fake crops in Farmville, getting the shit scared out of you in Amnesia, or dancing and getting your heart rate up while playing Just Dance on your Xbox. Social gaming and video games are being played by almost er’body and are readily available. You’ve got models, Grandmas and a plethora of athletes and such that indulge in them.

So why is gaming still being used as a scapegoat these days? This and other stereotypes about gamers and gaming in general kept me from sharing my interest with close friends and family. Most still don’t see the reasoning behind why I enjoy it. But I do. My glitter may be your pile of shit but it will more than likely never lead me to taking someone’s life. So my message to the media and all of the other so called experts out there that are probably closet gaming or have gamers in your family?


Because in all honesty, if you were an expert and truly knew gamer culture (whatever that means) you’d see that almost every game has a pretty close knit community behind it. We all get excited about new expansion releases, talk almost daily via Twitter and other social media, support and enjoy the living hell out of each other.

But then again, you’d never cover that. Too positive.


Where Ya Been, Fay?


I’ve been all over! I wish I could say it was in some amazing place but the last week and a half or so has literally been a blur.

First, my computer totally conked out on me. So far it looks like a hard drive crash, which totally sucks but I have a laptop from a friend waiting for me so it’s just a matter of picking it up and such.

Second, if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been dating and enjoying stuff away from the internets. Mainly helping and enjoying my niece’s 6th birthday. She’s a rockstar.

Third, Con-stravaganza begins on Wednesday and I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off between the first two dealios, prepping for this and working as much as I can.

Hopefully, I’ll pick up the computer and such and after all of this is over I’ll have some pictures from Comic Con, Gam3r-Con and w00tstock. And by then my head will stop spinning and I’ll get a decent night’s rest.

Until then!

Edited to add: this week’s Sevenly cause helps provide suicide prevention, therapy, counseling, and treatment for a teenager battling depression. Read about TWOLHA here and give if you can. As always, Do Good!

Fayvorite Things 6.30.12: Real Life Friend Pimpin’, No Buy Week, No Spendin’ Cheese


No buy week! No shiny offerings from the internets to tempt you with. Instead, I attempted to focus my efforts into prepping for the Con-extravaganza invading San Diego in 2 weeks or so. Dudes, I’m semi-official too! I totally have a biz’nass card to hand out!

I was also feeling a little under the weather, but next week I can assure you that I’ll have a little somethin-somethin’ to tempt you with. Hide your wallet Tomie!

I do have some gifts from some folks that I know in real life that will both tickle your eye sockets and tingle your tastebuds.

My amazingly talented French friend, Cecile offers up her Portraits from Pictures. Basically, got a photo? Want it to look awesome? Send it her way and she can work her magic with pastels and charcoals fancy them up into an original work of art. I’ve seen a few of these with my own eyes at our Game Nights and they are breath taking and I’m not just saying that because she’s one of my peeps, yo.

If you’re into food – and chances are if you’re a walking, breathing human being you are, my girl Jackie from The Seaside Baker hooks it up with her wonderful and easy to follow recipes. Matter of fact, check out her CrockPot Cheesecake recipe. Whip a few of those suckers up, throw on some fresh, festive berries and BAMBAMBAM, you’ve your Fourth of July dessert covered.

Other noteworthy interwebs gems:

Discopriest brings the funk with her Moving wallpapers, Lizzy throws down her Unrelated Opinions about life and gameplay leading up to Mists of Pandaria and Ava from Imageheavy evokes all sortsa nostalgia with a Friday Favourite Post highlighting the Isle of Quel’Danas.

Also, don’t forget Sevenly’s cause of the week benefits Feed My Starving Children and for each shirt you purchase a child in Thailand can be fed for an entire month. As always, the new cause begins Monday at 10am PST. Do good.

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Renaming Warcraft


This week’s Blog Azeroth topic is brought to us by Frinka.

Frinka asks:

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it and why?

Now, I could think of a number of appropriate and rather inappropriate names to throw at WoW, but I’m going to answer based on the game and it’s current state.

WORLD OF BORECRAFT: Stretching Content

No new content for almost 8 months now. Not even epic gem transmutes! Raiding is pretty much done and even the lame guilds on my server have plowed their way through Dragon Soul, but most honestly took the opportunity months ago to take temporary some time off from the game and raiding to enjoy summer or pursue other gaming adventures. I mean, Orgrimmar on my server is desolate.. empty… abandoned. Which is odd for my server as we have a rather large player base from around the world.

I really wish Abyssal Maw had been released instead of teasing us with the lore, dungeon and raid maps and pretty art instead of tossing us Diablo 3 and giving beta access to Pandaland to appease us. Don’t get me wrong, both are nice, but something still feels not quite complete in this expansion. I mean, we got to explore some of Abyssal Maw lore with Throne of the Tides and experienced Neptulon’s rage… YANK… totally scrapped.

There is still a handwritten bucket list of things that I’d like to have complete before MoP comes out, mounts and pets I’d like to farm, a guild bank to fully stock, and gold to be made, but there isn’t that drive to do it like before. Hell, even the social aspect of the game is gone because of the lack of function between D3 and WoW.

Regardless, I’ve been having fun exploring other games, prepping for various Cons rolling into San Diego and expanding my gamer-resume. This last stretch has definitely been difficult and boring, but I haven’t really played the beta, so everything will be fairly fresh and new to me. And that’s what’s keeping me excited.

What about you? What are you looking forward to or very much missing in Warcraft?

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