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FayTV Episode 2: Minecraftin’ and Texture Packin in Faytown


This week on FayTV(TM) I walk you through a new project I’ve been working on in Creative Mode, Faytown. Most of the projects are unfinished in the video, but you get a good idea of everything.

Also, check out The Joe Show! This week Joe and I discussed on a livestream Men in Black 3, Avengers (again), the American Idol Finale and America’s Got Talent.



How appropriate after my Epic Movie Day.

I re-rolled another priest on my home server of Korgath to have another Enchanter come MoP and instead of questing the day away I’ve been doing low level PvP. This latest batch of lowbies concentrated more on killing the other team rather than capping the flags. Flag 1. Ran it in with a Rogue friend. Flag 2. Ran it alone. Flag 3 was picked up by a Hunter and the ring leader of “LOL LET’S KILL THE OTHER TEAM.” He also got mad when I stopped healing everyone to get flags 1 and 2. Come flag 3, he’d grabbed it and started farming kills demanding that I heal him. I did it for a bit until I ran a little low on mana and he refused to LoS for a bit to let me drink.

He died.

Luckily the other team was more than likely raging mad and I swooped the flag up and ran it in to whispers of teammates asking if they could cap it or asking me to wait to cap so they can farm more kills. Pshha, screw that. I’ve healed you and capped the first two flags? This cheevo is mine!

Running as fast as they can Iron man lives again!

Clark Kent by Day, Superdork by Night


The interwebs is a funny place sometimes. We interact with each other through various mediums, whether it be on Facebook, our favorite MMO or social game, etc. It seems as though we’re constantly plugged into something terrestrial or otherwise. Granted, on the internet its a lot easier to hide behind your avatar and create your own world leaving details out wherever appropriate. Take this interaction between a Twitter follower as well as a RealID friend:

Read from the bottom up. Derp.

We’ve ran dungeons together, goofed off on RealID together and tweeted back and forth for about six months or so. How did he miss this detail about lil’ ole me? Better yet, why does everyone associate someone that plays video games as a slovenly, idle, pale, mouth breathing slob? Yes, those types are definitely out there, but with the emergence of social gaming and mainstreaming of games like Warcraft, more people have assess to them. Which probably means that your Grandma may be out there pwnin noobs and taking down raid bosses and you’d be totally oblivious to it.

So who is your gamer ego? Mine? Personal Trainer by day, fire throwing Mage by Warcraft.

You Were Truly Magnificent.


Exactly a week ago I got the devastating news that a friend and old guildmate of mine fell asleep at the wheel and passed away in a car wreck. I’ve experienced death before but for some reason I took this one extremely hard. For one, I’d wondered how my dear friend was doing because I hadn’t seen him pop onto my RealID in months. Two, I’d gone to their vent a few days before I got the news and no one was around which was pretty normal, but it never hurt to try. Three, my friend was in his early 20s and I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away so young.

So here’s to you Magnifisince. Today your family and friends are laying your body to rest but your soul will always be with us. All the fun times we had jumping on our perch and making JC focusing lens stars in Dalaran, throwing pumpkins on each other and trash talking in vent. I’m truly honored to have known you and raid with you through Ulduar, ToC and some of ICC. Our crazy alt runs on the weekends, buying pies and from the dessert vendors, Dire Brew remotes before Kologarn and sending each other trash mail. Algalon, or “Owl-guh-lawn” as you said it in your Southern drawl, will never be the same again. Nor will re-buffing or buffing because you always said “boof” instead of buff and “ownt” instead of “owned”, which I always secretly giggled at.

I wish I’d had the chance to formally say goodbye and to have met you in real life but while your soul was here I thoroughly enjoyed you. Your soul, laugh, voice and light will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Kelly Sherman.

Overheard In End Time: Annoying PvE add-ons


A few days ago Harpy’s Nest wrote about Emoting in PvP and Navi did too. So Tomie came along to smack some PvP emoters with her purse.

Well, I’ve been after the stupid shield from Jaina in End Times and jumping into specific queue daily hoping and praying for Azure Dragonshrine. As we’re pulling the trash packs and collecting the pieces to her staff, I notice this mage has a freaking emote chain for every killshot. And for some reason the tank is pulling every single trash pack. No joke for all sixteen of her shards its this or an equally stupid variation:

And insult to injury the shield didn’t drop and I was all, “OMG, get me outta here” even though I’d normally stay. Because two more bosses of that? HELL TO THE NO!

Surrendering to the Six


I’ve been attempting to avoid having to do one of these but I just realized that I’ve been suckerpunched twice with this meme. I’m looking at you Euphyley and Bulidar!! Rather than ignoring this, I suppose I’ll get it done.

The Rules
Go into your image folder
Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couln’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
Challenge six new bloggers.
Link to them.

Totally ‘mogged out in Mage Valorous before killing Mr. Bigglesworth for old times sake. This was taken while running into Naxx to grab a few screenies for Day 4 of the 20 day Challenge: My Best WoW Memory.

Folks I’m tagging:

I tried to keep my tags to folks that as far as I know haven’t been tagged yet. If you have.. SO SORRY! Also be sure to check out the tree of participants over at Its banoodles!

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