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Fayvorite Things 6.9.12 – WoW Lull, Tag Clouds, Blog Birthdays and Thievery.


This week like most weeks and probably the rest of the weeks until Mists of Pandaria drops, it was a quiet week in Azeroth. Then again, I haven’t logged into WoW to do more than check on auctions and do the occasional transmute. Oestrus gives her thoughts on the lull in WoW and how its been affecting her blogging frequency. I’ve got to admit, sometimes I’m right there with her and I really wish that the Abyssal Maw raid was released. I share the same sentiment in regard to the raid being scrapped as blogged over on Orcish Army Knife back in May.

Itslilpeanut, from Heal Over Time has been hiding a dirty secret from the blogosphere. She’s got some drawing chops and has been sketching out these really awesome Tag Clouds. She’s currently taking commissions for them so snatch one up and support a fellow WoW blogger.

Euphyely celebrated her first Blogiversary! Throw on a pink party hat (it’s mandatory), wish her well and most of all write up a quick post about what your favorite WoW rare spawn and why for your chance at an in-game pet from the Blizzard store. While you’re there, check out her posts on rare spawns and farming them too!

I don’t want to end posts on a sad or somber note, but lastly the Punt This Army is no more. Someone in our gnomish ranks decided to take the guild and the guild bank contents and transfer it off of the server. Needless to say, I’m more than saddened and disappointed that someone that was trusted would do such a thing. Great times were had Christmas Caroling, socializing and farming gear to become the best little Gnome army to invade battlegrounds. Thanks a ton, Cynwise.

Looks like Guild Wars 2 beta is in full effect and Mists of Pandaria is still truckin’ along and don’t forget to listen to The Joe Show.

Why? Why Not?


I’d been sitting on this post all week and considering the events on the interwebs as of late, it felt appropriate to get it semi-polished and published.

“You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

Let’s face it. We’re in this together. Most of us blog, podcast, do commissions, tweet and mumble chat each other because we enjoy each other. Zero motivation behind it other than that. And even when we have our disagreements about both serious and petty subject matter we quickly get over it.

Now there are some of us, myself included, that want to take our internet presence to get jobs or become internet famous. That’s fine too. But in our small community we’ve also got to remember to help and encourage each other. We often get discouraged, overwhelmed and bogged down with real life and real life commitments. Lift each other up with a kind word, link each other on blogs, comment on each other’s blogs, cross post on Youtube.

Kevin Smith says this the best. Watch.

Now my goal in my “Why Not” life is to gain the support from people that I surround myself with authentically. I’d rather have 10 people rather than 10,000 people to spread the word about who I am and what I do. I find no purpose in having a army doing my dirty work and promotion. I want to help the people that help me achieve their goals and dreams no matter how big or small they are. Quality before quantity always.



How appropriate after my Epic Movie Day.

I re-rolled another priest on my home server of Korgath to have another Enchanter come MoP and instead of questing the day away I’ve been doing low level PvP. This latest batch of lowbies concentrated more on killing the other team rather than capping the flags. Flag 1. Ran it in with a Rogue friend. Flag 2. Ran it alone. Flag 3 was picked up by a Hunter and the ring leader of “LOL LET’S KILL THE OTHER TEAM.” He also got mad when I stopped healing everyone to get flags 1 and 2. Come flag 3, he’d grabbed it and started farming kills demanding that I heal him. I did it for a bit until I ran a little low on mana and he refused to LoS for a bit to let me drink.

He died.

Luckily the other team was more than likely raging mad and I swooped the flag up and ran it in to whispers of teammates asking if they could cap it or asking me to wait to cap so they can farm more kills. Pshha, screw that. I’ve healed you and capped the first two flags? This cheevo is mine!

Running as fast as they can Iron man lives again!

Minecraftin: aka Cheating on WoW


Welp, I’ve got a lil’ Youtube channel. In this episode I give a tour of my Minecraft Treehouse!

Rate. Sub. Comment. Be a dork!

Minecraftin’: Pink Sheep!


As I was in my latest seed working on getting some wool for my Mega Tree House Project ™, I stumbled upon the best trick ever. Grab some red flowers and bone meal to make yourself some Pink Dye. In this case, the dye is for my bedroom aka Fay’s Fantastic Boom Boom Room. Instead of putting the wool and dye into your crafting table just run about looking for white sheep and throw the dye on them. VOILA! An 8-bit beast that you can use your sheers on to grab 1 to 3 pieces of wool. The best part? When they snack on grass their wool grows back.. and it’s pink!!.

Yo' wool is gonna be mine, sucka!

If you don’t think that is the cutest ever, you’re basically a monster. And I may or may not have a herd of pink sheep pretty soon. *innocent whistle*


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