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Dear Media, Gamers =/= Killers.


As with any tragedy there are always questions of why, how and what and almost a week after the deadly theater shooting in Colorado the media is still looking for a motive. Inadequate gun laws, bad parenting, bad theater security have all been thrown into the mix and naturally violent video games get thrown on top of it all.

Pat Brown was on CNN last week and threw this little match stick on top:

He’s probably prepared for this for a long time, just obsessing over it, gathering his weapons. [He] probably spent a lot of time in his apartment, playing one video game after the other—shooting, shooting, shooting—building up his courage and building up the excitement of when it’s going to be real for him. And it’s made his day.

This has been something he has really been into. And now we’re going to find, probably on [Facebook] or anybody who knows him will say, ‘Yeah, he did have a lot of interest in that. He was always playing the video games. And I’m not saying video games make you a killer. But if you’re a psychopath, video games help you get in the mode to do the killing.




Can we stop this madness already?

In this day and age almost everyone has their flava’ of gaming. Whether you’re tending fake crops in Farmville, getting the shit scared out of you in Amnesia, or dancing and getting your heart rate up while playing Just Dance on your Xbox. Social gaming and video games are being played by almost er’body and are readily available. You’ve got models, Grandmas and a plethora of athletes and such that indulge in them.

So why is gaming still being used as a scapegoat these days? This and other stereotypes about gamers and gaming in general kept me from sharing my interest with close friends and family. Most still don’t see the reasoning behind why I enjoy it. But I do. My glitter may be your pile of shit but it will more than likely never lead me to taking someone’s life. So my message to the media and all of the other so called experts out there that are probably closet gaming or have gamers in your family?


Because in all honesty, if you were an expert and truly knew gamer culture (whatever that means) you’d see that almost every game has a pretty close knit community behind it. We all get excited about new expansion releases, talk almost daily via Twitter and other social media, support and enjoy the living hell out of each other.

But then again, you’d never cover that. Too positive.


You Were Truly Magnificent.


Exactly a week ago I got the devastating news that a friend and old guildmate of mine fell asleep at the wheel and passed away in a car wreck. I’ve experienced death before but for some reason I took this one extremely hard. For one, I’d wondered how my dear friend was doing because I hadn’t seen him pop onto my RealID in months. Two, I’d gone to their vent a few days before I got the news and no one was around which was pretty normal, but it never hurt to try. Three, my friend was in his early 20s and I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away so young.

So here’s to you Magnifisince. Today your family and friends are laying your body to rest but your soul will always be with us. All the fun times we had jumping on our perch and making JC focusing lens stars in Dalaran, throwing pumpkins on each other and trash talking in vent. I’m truly honored to have known you and raid with you through Ulduar, ToC and some of ICC. Our crazy alt runs on the weekends, buying pies and from the dessert vendors, Dire Brew remotes before Kologarn and sending each other trash mail. Algalon, or “Owl-guh-lawn” as you said it in your Southern drawl, will never be the same again. Nor will re-buffing or buffing because you always said “boof” instead of buff and “ownt” instead of “owned”, which I always secretly giggled at.

I wish I’d had the chance to formally say goodbye and to have met you in real life but while your soul was here I thoroughly enjoyed you. Your soul, laugh, voice and light will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Kelly Sherman.

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