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FayTV Episode 2: Minecraftin’ and Texture Packin in Faytown


This week on FayTV(TM) I walk you through a new project I’ve been working on in Creative Mode, Faytown. Most of the projects are unfinished in the video, but you get a good idea of everything.

Also, check out The Joe Show! This week Joe and I discussed on a livestream Men in Black 3, Avengers (again), the American Idol Finale and America’s Got Talent.

Minecraftin: aka Cheating on WoW


Welp, I’ve got a lil’ Youtube channel. In this episode I give a tour of my Minecraft Treehouse!

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Minecraftin’: Pink Sheep!


As I was in my latest seed working on getting some wool for my Mega Tree House Project ™, I stumbled upon the best trick ever. Grab some red flowers and bone meal to make yourself some Pink Dye. In this case, the dye is for my bedroom aka Fay’s Fantastic Boom Boom Room. Instead of putting the wool and dye into your crafting table just run about looking for white sheep and throw the dye on them. VOILA! An 8-bit beast that you can use your sheers on to grab 1 to 3 pieces of wool. The best part? When they snack on grass their wool grows back.. and it’s pink!!.

Yo' wool is gonna be mine, sucka!

If you don’t think that is the cutest ever, you’re basically a monster. And I may or may not have a herd of pink sheep pretty soon. *innocent whistle*


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