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How appropriate after my Epic Movie Day.

I re-rolled another priest on my home server of Korgath to have another Enchanter come MoP and instead of questing the day away I’ve been doing low level PvP. This latest batch of lowbies concentrated more on killing the other team rather than capping the flags. Flag 1. Ran it in with a Rogue friend. Flag 2. Ran it alone. Flag 3 was picked up by a Hunter and the ring leader of “LOL LET’S KILL THE OTHER TEAM.” He also got mad when I stopped healing everyone to get flags 1 and 2. Come flag 3, he’d grabbed it and started farming kills demanding that I heal him. I did it for a bit until I ran a little low on mana and he refused to LoS for a bit to let me drink.

He died.

Luckily the other team was more than likely raging mad and I swooped the flag up and ran it in to whispers of teammates asking if they could cap it or asking me to wait to cap so they can farm more kills. Pshha, screw that. I’ve healed you and capped the first two flags? This cheevo is mine!

Running as fast as they can Iron man lives again!

Fay’s World Episode 02, Podcasted: Six Epic Movies. One Epic Day!


So I decided to Podcast this blog, mostly to see if I could do it. Also, better said than typed! Enjoy!

Fay’s World Podcasted: Six Epic Movies. One Epic Day.

Also a picture of the epic loots we got from our movie marathon of geekdom!

Another continuity issue I had that I didn’t mention in the podcast was Rhodie being recast in the Iron Man 2. Um.. Terrance Howard to Don Cheadle? THE EFF?! Not that Cheadle didn’t do a great job in Iron Man II, but dayum!

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