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Fayvorite Things 6.30.12: Real Life Friend Pimpin’, No Buy Week, No Spendin’ Cheese


No buy week! No shiny offerings from the internets to tempt you with. Instead, I attempted to focus my efforts into prepping for the Con-extravaganza invading San Diego in 2 weeks or so. Dudes, I’m semi-official too! I totally have a biz’nass card to hand out!

I was also feeling a little under the weather, but next week I can assure you that I’ll have a little somethin-somethin’ to tempt you with. Hide your wallet Tomie!

I do have some gifts from some folks that I know in real life that will both tickle your eye sockets and tingle your tastebuds.

My amazingly talented French friend, Cecile offers up her Portraits from Pictures. Basically, got a photo? Want it to look awesome? Send it her way and she can work her magic with pastels and charcoals fancy them up into an original work of art. I’ve seen a few of these with my own eyes at our Game Nights and they are breath taking and I’m not just saying that because she’s one of my peeps, yo.

If you’re into food – and chances are if you’re a walking, breathing human being you are, my girl Jackie from The Seaside Baker hooks it up with her wonderful and easy to follow recipes. Matter of fact, check out her CrockPot Cheesecake recipe. Whip a few of those suckers up, throw on some fresh, festive berries and BAMBAMBAM, you’ve your Fourth of July dessert covered.

Other noteworthy interwebs gems:

Discopriest brings the funk with her Moving wallpapers, Lizzy throws down her Unrelated Opinions about life and gameplay leading up to Mists of Pandaria and Ava from Imageheavy evokes all sortsa nostalgia with a Friday Favourite Post highlighting the Isle of Quel’Danas.

Also, don’t forget Sevenly’s cause of the week benefits Feed My Starving Children and for each shirt you purchase a child in Thailand can be fed for an entire month. As always, the new cause begins Monday at 10am PST. Do good.

Fayvorite Things 6.16.12 – Bracelets, Super Mog, WoW Nostalgia


It’s no secret that in and out of Warcraft I love me some shiny things. I’d been browsing Etsy looking for small thread bracelets and leather cuffs to add to my growing collection for a while and I finally broke down and treated myself to a few.

The small star is made of hematite and the giraffe I bought just as a fun little reminder of my favorite animal. Lizzy does a number of wish bracelets with cute little charms in a variety of thread weights and colors. Her store can be found over on Etsy @ Believe in Good Karma.

Once again, Cymre brings the AWESOME by way of Transmog and comics, both of which I’m a huge fan. Check out her Super Sunday series of Superhero inspired transmog and ‘mog your way to greatness. And as always, ‘mog hard or go home!

Rounding things out in the Twitterverse, I bring you my friend and Co-host of Joe of the Joeshow has been takin’ us back to the old school.

It was interesting to see many of the answers given between the followers we share. Plus, it gave that warm and cozy feeling of when we were all little Warcraft n00bs running around the vast world of Azeroth. I had to do a little research because my first character has gone through a few changes since her initial creation. She started off as Forsaken on August 24, 2008 when I received my own copies of Warcraft for my birthday. Before this, I’d been playing on a friend’s account and rolled more toons than I can recall. Anyways, at the time she was named Joanrivaz (natch) and hit level 80 on December 21, 2008. Since then she’s been race changed to Troll and named Fayyaza and now is chillin’ on Madoran melting faces as a Draenai in a Twitterfriend’s ™ guild until Mists of Pandaria drops.

So what about you? What was your first max level character’s name and level? Hook me up in the comments!

The Spirit of Competition 2012


“Every two years, the Spirits of Competition grow especially fervent, and draw close to the mortal realm. During such times, members of both the Alliance and Horde can honor the spirits and earn Competitor’s Tabards by seeking to defeat one another in the battlegrounds. For victory in competition, they can also earn the spirits’ favor in the form of a prized gold medal – and the special pet it summons.”

Despite the tooltip saying that the event would occur every two years, the last time this event happened was in 2008 with the Beijing Olympics. I’d been playing Warcraft very actively at this point for about 6 to 8 months, if I remember correctly. The game was a lot different pre-BC and really didn’t hold my attention all too much because of a lot of walking, wand specs and the overwhelming urge to explore every area of the map. So needless to say, PvP wasn’t really my thing at the time and that’s what this achievement involved.

A few guildies received the in-game pet and tabard and I remember being green with envy, wishing that I was one of the “cool kids.” Well, four years later the summer Olympics are upon us, this year in London. The Fay-family is waiting with baited breath to see what offering Blizzard will bestow upon us. Will we get another shot at an Olympic themed tabard and pet? Or will we be subjected to another disappointing tabard with a duration?

I’ve got my Troll fingers crossed, mon.

All three of them.

Got pics of your tabard and pet? Show em off in the comments!

Sevenly: Do Good – National Autism Association


This week’s Sevenly cause supports the National Autism Association and will provide the parents of a child with Autism an emergency kit. This emergency kit includes door alarms for their home, an ID tag for the child, visual safety prompts to be displayed on doors and windows, and a family emergency plan.

The design for both sets of shirts is AWESOME, but it looks like this week I may grab a sweatshirt and ditch the extra lattes. If the mission or charity resonates with you, I highly encourage you to support both Sevenly and the cause and sacrifice a little to support them. Remember, you’ve got until next Monday to do so and once a design is gone.. it’s gone!

I’ve written about Sevenly before, but if you’d like to know more read their Mission statement.

ETA: I get no kickbacks from Sevenly and am in no way, shape or form an ambassador for them. I just really appreciate what they do and want to spread the word.

Fayvorite Things 6.9.12 – WoW Lull, Tag Clouds, Blog Birthdays and Thievery.


This week like most weeks and probably the rest of the weeks until Mists of Pandaria drops, it was a quiet week in Azeroth. Then again, I haven’t logged into WoW to do more than check on auctions and do the occasional transmute. Oestrus gives her thoughts on the lull in WoW and how its been affecting her blogging frequency. I’ve got to admit, sometimes I’m right there with her and I really wish that the Abyssal Maw raid was released. I share the same sentiment in regard to the raid being scrapped as blogged over on Orcish Army Knife back in May.

Itslilpeanut, from Heal Over Time has been hiding a dirty secret from the blogosphere. She’s got some drawing chops and has been sketching out these really awesome Tag Clouds. She’s currently taking commissions for them so snatch one up and support a fellow WoW blogger.

Euphyely celebrated her first Blogiversary! Throw on a pink party hat (it’s mandatory), wish her well and most of all write up a quick post about what your favorite WoW rare spawn and why for your chance at an in-game pet from the Blizzard store. While you’re there, check out her posts on rare spawns and farming them too!

I don’t want to end posts on a sad or somber note, but lastly the Punt This Army is no more. Someone in our gnomish ranks decided to take the guild and the guild bank contents and transfer it off of the server. Needless to say, I’m more than saddened and disappointed that someone that was trusted would do such a thing. Great times were had Christmas Caroling, socializing and farming gear to become the best little Gnome army to invade battlegrounds. Thanks a ton, Cynwise.

Looks like Guild Wars 2 beta is in full effect and Mists of Pandaria is still truckin’ along and don’t forget to listen to The Joe Show.

FayTV Episode 2: Minecraftin’ and Texture Packin in Faytown


This week on FayTV(TM) I walk you through a new project I’ve been working on in Creative Mode, Faytown. Most of the projects are unfinished in the video, but you get a good idea of everything.

Also, check out The Joe Show! This week Joe and I discussed on a livestream Men in Black 3, Avengers (again), the American Idol Finale and America’s Got Talent.

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