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Where Ya Been, Fay?


I’ve been all over! I wish I could say it was in some amazing place but the last week and a half or so has literally been a blur.

First, my computer totally conked out on me. So far it looks like a hard drive crash, which totally sucks but I have a laptop from a friend waiting for me so it’s just a matter of picking it up and such.

Second, if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been dating and enjoying stuff away from the internets. Mainly helping and enjoying my niece’s 6th birthday. She’s a rockstar.

Third, Con-stravaganza begins on Wednesday and I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off between the first two dealios, prepping for this and working as much as I can.

Hopefully, I’ll pick up the computer and such and after all of this is over I’ll have some pictures from Comic Con, Gam3r-Con and w00tstock. And by then my head will stop spinning and I’ll get a decent night’s rest.

Until then!

Edited to add: this week’s Sevenly cause helps provide suicide prevention, therapy, counseling, and treatment for a teenager battling depression. Read about TWOLHA here and give if you can. As always, Do Good!

Why? Why Not?


I’d been sitting on this post all week and considering the events on the interwebs as of late, it felt appropriate to get it semi-polished and published.

“You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

Let’s face it. We’re in this together. Most of us blog, podcast, do commissions, tweet and mumble chat each other because we enjoy each other. Zero motivation behind it other than that. And even when we have our disagreements about both serious and petty subject matter we quickly get over it.

Now there are some of us, myself included, that want to take our internet presence to get jobs or become internet famous. That’s fine too. But in our small community we’ve also got to remember to help and encourage each other. We often get discouraged, overwhelmed and bogged down with real life and real life commitments. Lift each other up with a kind word, link each other on blogs, comment on each other’s blogs, cross post on Youtube.

Kevin Smith says this the best. Watch.

Now my goal in my “Why Not” life is to gain the support from people that I surround myself with authentically. I’d rather have 10 people rather than 10,000 people to spread the word about who I am and what I do. I find no purpose in having a army doing my dirty work and promotion. I want to help the people that help me achieve their goals and dreams no matter how big or small they are. Quality before quantity always.

Dear April,


March wasn’t too fun at all. If it wasn’t the unexpected death of a close WoW friend, an offline friend lost both his Mother and Father within days of each other. Then you threw me the curveball of my Father’s paranoia getting the best of him and throwing a wrench in life at home. Friends on Twitter began to bicker and disagree and that world even became a ball of chaos. Finally, some jerk rear ended my parked car and just last week someone broke into it and stole my wallet. I got distracted, discouraged and went into my own little world hoping for some answers as to what the hell is going on.

But you know what? I’m not going to be scared, put things on hold and cutting myself off from my friends. Whoever the hell blasted me in the face with this negative energy needs to seriously move the fuck back. This month will be better. And if it’s not I’m going to see the positive in things like I was before this whole month log daisy chain of crap began.

Plus dudes, I got a new car!

Keepin’ it positive,

B is for Balance


And I ain’t talkin’ about no wrath spammin’ Druids, either.

About a month ago, I’d been finding it extremely difficult to pull myself away from gaming. I was literally coming home from work and logging in and playing until my eyes got droopy and it was time to go to bed. Bedtime also was beginning to get later and later, which for me hinders my work as I’m up extremely early in the morning. There always seemed like something that needed to be done in game. Farming to make gold, LFR to get loot for the Fay-family, PvP to pwn newbs, old school runs for transmog gear.

Other than WoW or random games in general, I was doing nothing except going to Game Nights here and there. A few things began popping up and it was like a gift from The Old Gods. Some of my real ID friends were starting to get on mah nerves somethin’ fierce. There were days I’d log and literally get a barrage of RealID whispers before I could even spawn. What was relaxing was becoming a Dr. Phil session instead of “me” time! If it wasn’t, “oh hay, can you help me really quick with…” it was, “can I borrow some of…” or just wanting advice about random stuff. I’m not opposed to helping anyone out but sometimes it gets to be a lot especially when they same people won’t talk to you for days or weeks on end and expect you to drop everything at the drop of a dime to do some lame task that I wouldn’t get a thank you for nevermind a bit of reciprocation.

I knew I had to change the cycle and balance out work, play (which includes gaming and blogging) and friends and fast. So I made a list of things that I’d been putting off or sweeping to the side.
I have a pile of books that I’ve been itching to read for the longest as well as a list of “to reads.” So I finally said fuck it and went to Barnes and Noble and picked them up. It was a small kick to my budget but it felt really good to treat myself to them.

From there I did the same for movies and friends and set out on a little mission to get my little buns off and away from the computer and on the way to finding my offline chi.

I then posted an ad on Facebook for a few buddies to see some movies that were coming out..

That ad? FACEBOOK GOLD. I got an almost overwhelming response from my friends that I wasn’t anticipating at all. I’d usually just avoid going altogether because I can’t stand going to the movies on my own. Being that person chillin’ watching a movie alone isn’t my idea of a fun time.

I also started, setting an alarm (lol @parental controls) for tasks/reminder warnings of things that need to be done around the house and I trying to keep WordPress or my notepad near me instead of shoving them into the back of my head only to forget about them. Also, avoiding games with chat clients in them so that I don’t get sucked into doing things that a) I don’t feel like doing b)I don’t need to be doing and c) involve losing personal time for.

Disclaimer: I don’t intend for this to be an A to Z. It’s just sort of happening that way. Organic n shizz

A is for Authentic


As I was chatting with my Chiropractor, who also does some blogging and website “stuff” the other day, I realized one thing about my blog. I’m not completely authentic and truthful. I’m assuming that I’m semi-engaging because people are reading this blabber and coming back, but other than my Faylentine’s Day and some of my Lore, I’m really not achieving some of what I set out to accomplish on this blog.

What am I trying to accomplish exactly?

Yes, I want to make all you folks on the interwebs laugh and relate. At the same time I want all the nerds and geeks out there to be able to shed their shells and be out to the world and be proud of who they are.

Why aren’t you doing it then?

Well, probably because for some reason I still have this little devil on my shoulder screaming at me that the internet is still a really scary place with bad people in it. It’s all over the news, right? Some girl gets kidnapped for running away from home to hang out with some guy she met online. Another kid refuses to go to school because he’s being cyber-bullied on his Facebook page. The reason why the obesity rate is so ridiculously high is because we sit at our computer all day. A dude dies in a computer lab or his home due to bingeing on his favorite MMO. Sure all that stuff can happen because it’s happened before but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll happen to you, duh!

So how do you fix this?

Well for me personally, I guess I’ll share with you more of who I am OUTSIDE of gaming and Warcraft shiz. I kind of chuckled to myself the other night while watching some guildies that I’ve known for years in LFR because I realized that I’ve been in my current guild for almost 2 years now and a handful of them have seen what I look like or know my first name. Why? Because I, much like most of us don’t want to be judged for what I look like in a world of avatars and killing dragons. Plus, other than running dungeons and pwnin’ newbs, why does my personal life or appearance even have to come into play? I think this is also the same reason why people are complete jerks on the internet and in Warcraft, but that’s a whole bag of worms and a blog post in itself.

I will maintain that some stuff deserves to be kept private or vague. But I think this was a good first step. The girl up there in that photo? Yes, that’s totes me. Artfully airbrushed armpit and all. Sup alliteration?

Fay’s Weekly Fayvorites


Last week was a rough week emotionally and physically. Last Monday, I worked out and tweeked my hip a little and decided to take the rest of the week off. I tried to do some light stuff and still, just not right. When I don’t do some sort of physical activity I can get pretty grumpy and under the weather, but combine that with family stress and it gets double funky.

At any rate, this week was about cheering myself up emotionally and physically and for me that often equates to small amounts of online retail therapy and youtube clips.

I was feeling incredibly munchy on day 1 of all of this so I went to a goodie website that one of my clients mentioned in passing when I’d mentioned that I need a one stop shop to make some personalized trail mix. She’d mentioned and I’d cringed at the prospect of large amounts of pr0nz and laughed at the name. But I went, I saw and I ordered way too many goodies. They’ve got quite a variety of goods and if you’re wanting to try a little somethin’ without totally committing to a pound of it there are samples as well. Pro-tip: the Cinnamon-sugar bagel chips are pretty awesome and the Berry Mix is too. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

Day 2 was a day to just mope and be dorky so I pulled up Youtube and browsed around for some clips. I know Lady Gaga isn’t for everyone and she’s a Madonna knock off, a part of the Illuminati, blabhlabhlbahlbalbahIDONTCAREblah, but her song “Marry the Night” has always cheered me up. Here, enjoy her performance from The Grammy Nomination concert from last year. I also browsed my reader for blogs that interest me and found a humorous and mage-ucational post from @applecidermage in regards to the appropriate use of Time Warp.

Lastly, I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl and while browsing around for some new nerdy threads I found a website called Sevenly. The basic premise of the company is selling t-shirts and hoodies to benefit a charity. Each week there is a new cause so you can pick and choose where your dollars are going and the designs I’ve seen posted look really awesome. Please note that not all of the money goes back to the charity, 7 dollars from each t-shirt sale but you can read about their mission here.

As for this week we’ve got just one in game holiday to focus on and I’m farming my third Swift Lovebird in an attempt to flip it in a few months. I’m a glutton for punishment.

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