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“I don’t want them to think I’m some crazy person…”


Those were the words out of my Pop’s mouth earlier this week as he was in the middle of a break down. Last week was a challegne for all of us as my Pops started experiencing a very extreme case of anxiety and paranoia, mostly brought about by not taking his meds and lack of sleep. Honestly we all lacked in the sleep area last week because he’d be up every hour complaining that the neighbors were trying to keep him awake all night by shining lights in the window of the guest room we put him in. If it wasn’t that it was a lady or a man, of which he could never give a description of, following him around town preventing him from doing errands.

Everything finally came to a head yesterday when he came into the office as I was playing Minecraft and was clearly upset about something. Apparently at about 4am he’d run into my brother’s room complaining about something or other, pupils dialated and very frantic. This also happened to be a Friday in which my Pops gets to pick up Mellany from school to bring her home and help out with her homework. Behind his back, my brother did the right thing and made arrangements to have Mellany picked up by one of her other Aunts. I came home right as he got the news I guess and hecomes upstairs and is very anxious and tells me that he felt back stabbed and unimportant and that he was going to leave the house and go “some place away from these people” and breaks down crying and pacing in the room. Now, in my 32 years I’ve never, EVER seen my Pops cry muchless show emotion other than a smile or a chuckle here or there so I knew I had to take some action.

I advised him to grab some Melatonin from the health food store down the street and made sure he was gone to go into his stuff to find out his Doc’s info from his meds. Couldn’t find it. He’d more than likely thrown the bottles away so I really hoped the sleep brought about by the supplement would help or we’d be fucked. Around 8pm last night he took his dose and was in bed not long after. He woke up at 10am this morning and seemed A LOT better, thank the Old Gods. He also made arrangements to see his Doc for Monday.

I really hope my Pops gets well though. December 8, 2008 was the most frantic and difficult day of my life and I don’t want to see him like that ever again. My Pops and I don’t really get along or talk much but I can’t imagine life without him. I also really hope that both my Mom and Bro will stop getting so fucking angry with my Pops when he’s like this and realize that he’s off in Lala-land and just needs someone to help him come back to this side of the door.

Sorry for the brain dump. I needed to.

You Were Truly Magnificent.


Exactly a week ago I got the devastating news that a friend and old guildmate of mine fell asleep at the wheel and passed away in a car wreck. I’ve experienced death before but for some reason I took this one extremely hard. For one, I’d wondered how my dear friend was doing because I hadn’t seen him pop onto my RealID in months. Two, I’d gone to their vent a few days before I got the news and no one was around which was pretty normal, but it never hurt to try. Three, my friend was in his early 20s and I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away so young.

So here’s to you Magnifisince. Today your family and friends are laying your body to rest but your soul will always be with us. All the fun times we had jumping on our perch and making JC focusing lens stars in Dalaran, throwing pumpkins on each other and trash talking in vent. I’m truly honored to have known you and raid with you through Ulduar, ToC and some of ICC. Our crazy alt runs on the weekends, buying pies and from the dessert vendors, Dire Brew remotes before Kologarn and sending each other trash mail. Algalon, or “Owl-guh-lawn” as you said it in your Southern drawl, will never be the same again. Nor will re-buffing or buffing because you always said “boof” instead of buff and “ownt” instead of “owned”, which I always secretly giggled at.

I wish I’d had the chance to formally say goodbye and to have met you in real life but while your soul was here I thoroughly enjoyed you. Your soul, laugh, voice and light will be missed.

Rest In Peace, Kelly Sherman.

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