This week’s Blog Azeroth topic is brought to us by Frinka.

Frinka asks:

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it and why?

Now, I could think of a number of appropriate and rather inappropriate names to throw at WoW, but I’m going to answer based on the game and it’s current state.

WORLD OF BORECRAFT: Stretching Content

No new content for almost 8 months now. Not even epic gem transmutes! Raiding is pretty much done and even the lame guilds on my server have plowed their way through Dragon Soul, but most honestly took the opportunity months ago to take temporary some time off from the game and raiding to enjoy summer or pursue other gaming adventures. I mean, Orgrimmar on my server is desolate.. empty… abandoned. Which is odd for my server as we have a rather large player base from around the world.

I really wish Abyssal Maw had been released instead of teasing us with the lore, dungeon and raid maps and pretty art instead of tossing us Diablo 3 and giving beta access to Pandaland to appease us. Don’t get me wrong, both are nice, but something still feels not quite complete in this expansion. I mean, we got to explore some of Abyssal Maw lore with Throne of the Tides and experienced Neptulon’s rage… YANK… totally scrapped.

There is still a handwritten bucket list of things that I’d like to have complete before MoP comes out, mounts and pets I’d like to farm, a guild bank to fully stock, and gold to be made, but there isn’t that drive to do it like before. Hell, even the social aspect of the game is gone because of the lack of function between D3 and WoW.

Regardless, I’ve been having fun exploring other games, prepping for various Cons rolling into San Diego and expanding my gamer-resume. This last stretch has definitely been difficult and boring, but I haven’t really played the beta, so everything will be fairly fresh and new to me. And that’s what’s keeping me excited.

What about you? What are you looking forward to or very much missing in Warcraft?