This week like most weeks and probably the rest of the weeks until Mists of Pandaria drops, it was a quiet week in Azeroth. Then again, I haven’t logged into WoW to do more than check on auctions and do the occasional transmute. Oestrus gives her thoughts on the lull in WoW and how its been affecting her blogging frequency. I’ve got to admit, sometimes I’m right there with her and I really wish that the Abyssal Maw raid was released. I share the same sentiment in regard to the raid being scrapped as blogged over on Orcish Army Knife back in May.

Itslilpeanut, from Heal Over Time has been hiding a dirty secret from the blogosphere. She’s got some drawing chops and has been sketching out these really awesome Tag Clouds. She’s currently taking commissions for them so snatch one up and support a fellow WoW blogger.

Euphyely celebrated her first Blogiversary! Throw on a pink party hat (it’s mandatory), wish her well and most of all write up a quick post about what your favorite WoW rare spawn and why for your chance at an in-game pet from the Blizzard store. While you’re there, check out her posts on rare spawns and farming them too!

I don’t want to end posts on a sad or somber note, but lastly the Punt This Army is no more. Someone in our gnomish ranks decided to take the guild and the guild bank contents and transfer it off of the server. Needless to say, I’m more than saddened and disappointed that someone that was trusted would do such a thing. Great times were had Christmas Caroling, socializing and farming gear to become the best little Gnome army to invade battlegrounds. Thanks a ton, Cynwise.

Looks like Guild Wars 2 beta is in full effect and Mists of Pandaria is still truckin’ along and don’t forget to listen to The Joe Show.