As I was chatting with my Chiropractor, who also does some blogging and website “stuff” the other day, I realized one thing about my blog. I’m not completely authentic and truthful. I’m assuming that I’m semi-engaging because people are reading this blabber and coming back, but other than my Faylentine’s Day and some of my Lore, I’m really not achieving some of what I set out to accomplish on this blog.

What am I trying to accomplish exactly?

Yes, I want to make all you folks on the interwebs laugh and relate. At the same time I want all the nerds and geeks out there to be able to shed their shells and be out to the world and be proud of who they are.

Why aren’t you doing it then?

Well, probably because for some reason I still have this little devil on my shoulder screaming at me that the internet is still a really scary place with bad people in it. It’s all over the news, right? Some girl gets kidnapped for running away from home to hang out with some guy she met online. Another kid refuses to go to school because he’s being cyber-bullied on his Facebook page. The reason why the obesity rate is so ridiculously high is because we sit at our computer all day. A dude dies in a computer lab or his home due to bingeing on his favorite MMO. Sure all that stuff can happen because it’s happened before but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll happen to you, duh!

So how do you fix this?

Well for me personally, I guess I’ll share with you more of who I am OUTSIDE of gaming and Warcraft shiz. I kind of chuckled to myself the other night while watching some guildies that I’ve known for years in LFR because I realized that I’ve been in my current guild for almost 2 years now and a handful of them have seen what I look like or know my first name. Why? Because I, much like most of us don’t want to be judged for what I look like in a world of avatars and killing dragons. Plus, other than running dungeons and pwnin’ newbs, why does my personal life or appearance even have to come into play? I think this is also the same reason why people are complete jerks on the internet and in Warcraft, but that’s a whole bag of worms and a blog post in itself.

I will maintain that some stuff deserves to be kept private or vague. But I think this was a good first step. The girl up there in that photo? Yes, that’s totes me. Artfully airbrushed armpit and all. Sup alliteration?