Wipe yo' feet off, sucka!

As some of you noticed by my AMG SQUEEE-age on Twitter and the ever-so-obvious change in URL, I finally came up with a domain name and shuffled everything on over! It was something that I was intending to do for a while now but I couldn’t come up with a name that was succinct and to the point and that was available. So after a 30 minute brainstorm with the greatest Chiropractor in the world we came up with Closet Dork and *gasp* it was available for purchase. Also, to whoever owns Closetnerd.com and wanted 700 bucks for it, you’re mean!

Thank you very much to Vitae of Yelling on the Internet and Sleepyhams.org. Your help and hosting are greatly appreciated!

At any rate, this is my new home! So please change your links and keep your eyes peeled for some mo’ fun!