Day 12 was actually kind of fun because I have a very untraditional day compared to most as far as my job goes.

I work (currently) as a Personal Trainer and 4:30 am is the start of my day. Its a rather difficult task being bright-eyed and bushy tailed and they say you get used to waking up so early, but that’s a lie. It’s been 8 years and its still a battle. I’m also a night owl and rarely get to bed before 10pm, which doesn’t help my cause at all. I shower, pack a snack, make some tea or coffee and a bite to eat for the road and get on the highway for the commute to Northern San Diego by about 5am. Today it was 4:50, because I had to get some gas :P

Around 5:40 am, I roll into the gym, turn on the heat and start writing workouts for the day’s clients and finish up my breakfast. Isn’t the view lovely? Train a few clients, do a teeny bit of cardio and workout myself between clients or waiting for late clients and then hit the road back South to rest at home or go to visit my Chiropractor and friends at his office for a bit.

Before I get onto the rest of my day, I’d just like to highlight one of my clients, Jim. Jim and his wife have trained with us for about 10 years now. Jim squats, lunges, medicine ball slams and pretty much does anything I ask of him with no question. Jim is also 89 and turning 90 in May. So next time you complain about your body hurting and being unmotivated about working out, think about Jim. Because while you’re bitching and moaning he’s working his ass off 3 times a week for an hour and rarely misses a workout.



After that its coming home, showering and catching up on Twitter and answering emails here and there.   Lately, I’ve also been polishing my resume for the Community Management dealio and participating in #cmgrchat whenever I have the opportunity. While all of that is going on, I’m usually in game and afk until I find that something is going on or I decide to do a few heroics or LFRs here and there. That cycle repeats itself until garbage television comes on and then I divert my attention to that and get a few dailies done here and there until I get tired and finally turn in for the night. My day is literally non-stop multitasking, which I’ve got to admit, I enjoy a lot.

Oh yeah, I found my favorite mug today. Finally. Someone kept hiding it behind the stupid bonsai. Srsly? Srsly.

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