Day 2′s question asks why you decided to start a blog, I’m assuming related to Warcraft.

Since high school I’ve always had some sort of presence on the web. I want to say it began with random message boards for band fan sites, but I know for sure it was chatting on IRC and AOL. Nothing too crazy, just chatting with random people here and there and the occasional meet up and kegger. As I got to college online journaling became the rage through websites like Angelfire, Diary Land and Livejournal. I used everyone of them to log the angst filled days of my teenage life and but to actually own a domain back then was rare but not unheard of.

I don’t know how I met her but I got approached by a girl that owned the website around my junior year in college. At this point the whole E/N, or everything/nothing, genre was all the rage as well as cam girl sites such as Jennicam. She ran a website made up of all female bloggers, blogging about random topics and we had a webcam portal that linked to everyone’s websites. I don’t know how we did it but we were one of the most popular E/N blogs at the time writing about nothing and being showered with gifts from all ends of the world. I also ran my own personal blog at which was kind of my own “thing” separate from the Chickenlegs girls. It was interesting but at the same time a little.. odd. I hung around with the girls for a bit until basketball and college became a little overwhelming in itself and soon after stepped down because some dudes just got a little too close for comfort to the tune of showing up at my basketball games uninvited.

After college, I just kept my Livejournal active and let my domain expire mostly out of uncertainty. It was my intent to go overseas to play basketball but my parents were in the middle of a divorce and I decided to stay home and get a “big kid” job. I met a few friends that I still have today and also got into my current guild via the WoW-ladies community there.

So I guess all in all, starting a blog wasn’t too big of a leap for me. I’ve always had some sort of means to express myself on the internet except now its more focused towards my hobbies rather than making blog posts about my day, begging for gifts or LOL’ing about the penis pictures some dude sent me. Guys, seriously stop doing that!

And that’s why I decided to start (another) blog!

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